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I learnt a valuable lesson from asking, i found that when you reach out for help, most people offer you even more than you ask for.

Knowledge, they say is power! There are so many ways to acquire it, some routes take more time than others. In my quest for knowledge, I have relied on several quick questions to help me bridge the gap from ‘Unknown’ to ‘Known’. Since I cannot claim to know everything, quick questions have become a recurring feature of my daily interaction. When I don’t know, I ask; when in doubt, I ask; even when I know, I still ask.

You may wonder why, it is simple, there will always be someone else who is smarter than you, more experience than you or just more knowledgeable on the subject matter. Still wondering why I ask, I find that you gain better insight when you seek out alternative views. Your perspective is broadened and you are able to adopt a more holistic approach to tackling life’s many issues. I realized that most of us get so attached to our own point of view that we miss out the blind spots that only a quick question can uncover. Asking provides clarity, so ask.

I learnt early in my career that it is OK not to know the answer to some things but it is not OK to stay clueless on most things. In asking, you gain knowledge and it is unlikely that you will ask the same question twice.

I have a good friend who is an expert at asking probing questions, whenever someone tells us a story together, she is able to ask unbelievable questions that makes the storyteller go to places not originally intended. Whenever I want the full picture on a matter, I leverage on her audacity to ask questions that I will never dare to. That skill comes in handy for getting bottom pot scoop in the ‘gist department’.

Even though some questions may sound stupid, there is no such thing as a stupid question. If it is asked, it means someone needs clarity and I will rather ask a stupid question than stay stupid. If you are too ashamed to ask, tell yourself the hard truth, the worst response you can ever get in life is a ‘laugh’, a ‘tease’ and the good old ‘No’ in different shades that still boil down to ‘No’. The worst place you can be after a ‘No’ is the same spot which means you lose nothing but imagine the giant strides you can achieve when you get a ‘Yes’ and new knowledge is gained.

Where you find a few people not willing to answer, you will also find a few others with the right answers to your quick questions, if you just look closely. I have been saved along my journey by several quick questions and people willing to give quick answers layered with years of experience and the wisdom that comes with age. So next time, you find yourself in a situation and you don’t know what to do, pick up your phone and pull out your ‘quick question’ card.

Here is wishing you all the best life has to offer and remember to keep your 👀 on who you are becoming…….


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22 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. Absolutely true. ‘If it is asked, it means someone needs clarity, i will rather ask a stupid question than stay stupid’


  2. Thanks so much for this. I’m a “curious cat” and there are times I’ve been reprimanded for asking too many questions but I’ve also been saved countless times because I asked. Truly, the real problem is having the boldness to ask.
    Now, I believe this piece applies to both the “asker” and “askee”. So in BECOMING someone who can help answer questions, I’d like to know how to differentiate between someone being genuinely inquisitive and “poke-nosing”.


    1. The purpose of a question is to gain clarity, that is the best way to differentiate. You can always control the conversation by ending it politely. When your privacy is invaded, you have the right to tell the person nicely that you cannot answer that question.
      In my day to day work, I get asked questions that I cannot answer for confidentiality reasons, so I simply say ‘I am sorry, I am not allow to divulge that information’. Some people understand while others think I take things too seriously.


  3. The key to knowledge is, ” a question asked”. I believe that being free from the fear of, the result of lack of confidence in any question to be asked, can allow one amass knowledge especially when clarity is needed from those we feel think high of us. Its good to be open to knowledge by asking questions from anyone that can give us answers irrespective of status…Love write up. GOD bless you


  4. Thanks for the post. The Annang adage, “He that asks questions hardly misses his way” shows the value in asking questions. While I think it’s OK not to know a thing, I think it’s out of place for one not to seek answers to what one does not know especially on subjects that can add value to one’s life, carreer, education…. I recently ran into someone who declared emphatically “What God has not shown you, ask Google” to show how readily available and near answers are to what we don’t know. May I also add that the intent for asking questions should be positive…


  5. God bless you for this wonderful piece asking questions brings about clarity, I rather ask questions to be cleared instead of assuming I know it

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  6. Really beautiful and carefully selected words there. Was inspired esp. by the part that says ‘Its okay not to know answers to some thngs, buh not okay to be clueless about most things. Thanks so much.

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    1. If you don’t have the answers to a question, just politely say “No Comments”.

      Knowledge is power and it gives you value. In the school of success there is no graduation, therefore, we keep learning, relearning and unlearning.


  7. Great piece. Inspirational as usual. Life is a mystery. The key to decoding the issues of life is Asking Questions to gain clarity and contribute to the Knowledge Bank which is what drives the 21st century. The Word of God admonishes us to Ask, Seek and Knock. Kudos to Thelma and Idorenyin. Keep them coming. Bravo.

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  8. I couldn’t agreed more.

    In fact, two proverbs made more sense after reading this:
    1.) Anyone who asks questions never misses his way.

    2.) Asking might make you feel like a fool for one minute, but not asking makes you a fool forever.

    Your posts always inspire me to become better.

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  9. Got some clue on how to respond to some questions and asking without crossing certain boundaries. Thelma and ID well done.


  10. Question & Answer is very vital if one must go far in life… Thanks for this piece, I’ll make sure I share it to go as far as possible and touch as many life’s that need to know about life important Q&A.


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