Risk, Unknown, Bold, Move, Change, Action, a few words that we have used frequently on this blog. Some months ago, I decided to take a year off work to rest, relax and reset – Codename R3. As I shared my plan with a friend, the reaction was “That is BOLD, I envy you”. Although, I thought mine was semi-bold, I was inspired to write and so I define B.O.L.D.

Taking the road least travelled is one of the few ways to describe a bold move. It is doing what people wish they could but never get around to doing.

I figured that you only really start living when you conquer fear in whatever form it manifests itself. So if you hope to fly a plane one day, you need to conquer the fear of heights; if you hope to graduate from school, you need to conquer the fear of failing; and if you hope to start a new venture, you need to conquer the fear of the unknown. Every human invention or intervention is a product of somebody’s bold move.

You will always find three types of people around you. Some are adventurous and will always move in the direction of an adventure. Others will be forced by an unpleasant experience or a sudden realization that everywhere else is better than here and after much pondering will move with the flow. The majority will remain ‘here’, wishing and daydreaming and yet too afraid to do anything about it. I have experienced all sides and have responded differently each time. As I reflect on the moves that I did not make, I wish I acted differently sometimes.

Even though, we often make excuses like, ‘it is not my time’, ‘good things don’t finish in the market’ or ‘God’s time is the best, I am waiting on Him’; in your moment of truth and reflection, you know that you missed an opportunity, realized that perhaps God was waiting on you, wished you acted differently and pray for a second chance.

In our previous post on ‘Demystifying the Unknown’, we shared some tips to help you prepare to make any move – a hard conversation with self, counting the cost, building mental scenarios, listening to the argument for and against and seeking wise counsel. The more difficult one to face is the failure scenario, but this too is a possibility. To know is to be prepared. Preparation enables you accept failure as part of the learning process.

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It is OK to miss the target some times, but remember that if you don’t succeed at first attempt, dust yourself up and try again.

Just like the stirring of the Pool of Bethesda, only those who take the plunge, REAP. Probably why it is not so crowded at the top. If the four lepers at the entrance of the city gate from the Bible story recognized that remaining at one spot takes you nowhere, there is a lesson to learn there. So don’t just sit there, if you are sure you have counted the cost, then Make that Move.


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  • Mary

    Great motivation that inspire me

  • Udeme Tom

    Words of wisdom, Never stop moving.

  • Ifiok Akanawan

    The fear of failure tends to keep too many people down and it’s something we need to overcome

  • Anita Udom


  • Another great read, we have more to lose by accepting the norm, sometimes comfort is an indication that you need a new and exciting challenge, remember you are always one step away from a completely different life.

    • Thank you, keep looking out for more even if you don’t physically move, expand your limits

  • jossylink

    Inspiring ♥️

  • Walter Ajogbor

    Inspirational and motivational. I can easily connect with the story. Make that Move is apt and timely. A wake up call. The next generation is in a hurry to fulfil purpose. So if you cannot soar, cruise. If you cannot cruise, fly or run. If you cannot run, walk or crawl. But do not stagnate or the next generation will crush you on their way up. Make that move now. Stop procrastinating for tomorrow might be too late.

    • Thank you, indeed the world keeps moving whether you move or not

  • nwobi


  • Ada

    I’ve heard the saying ‘if you do not like where you are, move. You are not a tree’. It’s just not as easy for many people probably due to the fear of the unknown like you shared last week.
    Thanks for another beautiful piece this week.

    • I like the tree analogy….good for reflection. Thank you for visiting again

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