More than mere STATS….

Ever wondered where the saying ‘it is not how long you live but how well you live’ came from? I suspect I found it tucked beneath the words of the not so exciting genealogy of Adam, also known as the first man who lived. You know that portion of scripture that most of us skip or gloss through quickly.

Well Adam’s genealogy reads something like this, Person A was born, had children and died at age 900+. Yes! you read right, back in the days, life went on way past three scores and ten. The text moves quickly to the next person, repeating the same pattern. Everyone seemed to live 800+ years fulfilling just one part of man’s mandate – fruitful and multiply. You could almost plot a graph with that predictable pattern.

And then, someone different came into the scene, he broke the pattern and did more with his life. In today’s literature, we will call him something fancy like Game Changer, Disrupter, Change agent or a Breath of Fresh Air. His life was so noteworthy, it seemed the writer paused to give him a standing ovation, ‘Enoch walked with God’. With that simple phrase packed with so much meaning to the discerning eyes, Enoch entered the scene. In layman’s term, I will attempt to describe it as Enoch allowed God to do mighty things through him. He was so in touch with God’s mind that he was constantly doing the will of God. From the story, God had so much fun hanging out with Enoch that one day, the streets of clay became streets of gold in the first-time travel event recorded in human history.

NKJV Study Bible

Enoch lived 500+ years less than his ancestors before him but his life was so remarkable that he went on a stroll with God one day and never came back. God gave him an express pass to eternity, it didn’t matter how long he lived, he lived well, and got the price instantly, while others have to wait till the judgment.

This week, I am reminded of the greatest man that ever lived; in just thirty-three short years, He was born, made several bold moves that changed the face of human history and then He died, still giving of himself. Jesus Christ remains the most talked about personality today, He lived well and gave us the best gift of all, Salvation. He is the reason why we wake up each day filled with hope for a better and brighter tomorrow. Just like Enoch, He is also in Heaven, seated in glory at the Father’s right hand.

It looks to me like those who live well get a place in the King’s palace. Fast forward to present day, while our prayers for length of days are great professions of our heart desires, purposeful days long or short are a closer reflection of God’s mind. Because it really doesn’t matter how long you live but how well you live in the time that you live.

So, my prayer for you and I this season is that our lives count for more than mere statistics.

Note to Self: Be intentional about making an impact that is worthy of heaven’s ovation.

Here is wishing you all the best that Life has to offer.

Happy Easter Celebration to you and your family!

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28 thoughts on “More than mere STATS….

  1. Wao!! T&I, This is one in a million article. I just read The story of Enoch a couple of days ago and The Rhema I got was awesome. Here again! STATs. Thanks


  2. May God give us the grace to live intentionally. I love the Mbang Amateur Art project…
    Happy Easter celebrations too.


  3. “How well you live”.. “what impact it has”.. “is it worth Heaven’s ovation”. Very compelling. 👍🏿 Well done! Looking forward to next Saturday.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Life is short. Regardless of how long we live our time here is limited and events like COVID-19 remind the world of the fragility of life, with over 100k people who began 2020 with seemingly a lot live for gone. We tend to think that if a man lives for 70 years or more he has lived a long life, at least relative to the span of life in today’s terms, but it appears this is a distorted view of the duration of life from God’s perspective. The right perspective of the duration of a person’s life is a life lived fulfilling the divine will. One person can live one life time in 120 years with limited impact, while another lives 50 different life times in 35 years with maximum impact. Whatever the duration God blesses us with, this article is a reminder that we live in ways that say “I was here and I ran well”.


    1. Hmm, living different lives in one’s lifetime equal maximizing your existence. Great insight! Thank you


  5. Good of you to exposed this Biblical character in relation to life.Thank you.God bless you.Hope you all are safe


  6. I love your final note to self. In a world where there’s pressure on every side to do all the ‘right’ things within the limited time, it is important to work towards living out God’s purpose. A life of impact, worthy of Heaven’s ovation.


  7. Thanks for another compelling article. I particularly liked the amateur art. The name Jesus created a buzz that made ripples and created different colours…messages/lessons from the cross. What ripples do we want to create on earth, what trees will we plant even if we won’t enjoy the shade? How are we working out our salvation? Have a blessed Easter, stay safe and healthy


    1. Thank you very much. We definately enjoyed creating art as a family and we are amazed at the effect it had on you.


  8. May our lives be a story worth reading, a tale worth sharing and an example worthy of emulation.


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