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Our son turns the big five today and as we put together a list of fun activities that we can do to celebrate in the great indoors, activity songs like ‘Father Abraham’ definitely make it to the top of the list. ‘Father Abraham’ was one of those classic songs that most of us grew up singing in Sunday School. I sang it more than most of my peers because while they moved on, I stayed on to teach, groom and get more than a lifetime’s serving of activity songs.


Every Sunday morning, cute faces stared at me filled with so much desire to learn, many questions to ask and a healthy appetite for cookies and juice; I remember that I always relied on good old ‘Father Abraham’ to shake up the tempo in the room. It got the children excited all the time and it saved me a few minutes when I didn’t need to think of what to do with them.

A few years back, as we prepared for Children’s Day service, we decided to serve the adults with the Kid’s menu (a taste of Junior Church). During the Praise and Worship session, the children slowly introduced activity songs, and of course, ‘Father Abraham’ sent the adult lifting legs, raising hands, chin up and turning around. As child-like excitement filled the atmosphere, the adults were children again and everyone was having so much fun. Was that not exactly where God wanted us to be? Just like little children. Remember he said, ‘the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like children’. (NLT Bible Luke 18:16) They get the good side of eternity. Children, so trusting and forgiving!

In the words of Alexander Pope, “To err is human, to forgive is divine”. Children have the ability to be both human and divine. They err by the minute and if you have them around you, you know that their list of wrongs can easily fill up an ocean. But their erring heart can also forgive easily. If you wonder how they do it, just have a few of them over for a play-date and in the span of a few hours, you will observe them switch so seamlessly from human to divine to human and back to divine. It almost feels like they are playing a game of offend and forgive. As the adult chaperone, you will find yourself settling fights in the first few minutes and then as you quickly get with the program, you begin to let them figure themselves out. They always do!

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So how did we lose our capacity to be human and divine. I guess we grew, began to think too much of little things, remember too much, hold on to too much, assume too much and pick up little bad habits that compound like grease. We forgot how to say sorry before the hurts grew and received apologies with contempt in our heart. Lewis B. Smedes said, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you”. Yet many still prefer to remain imprisoned, I wonder why!

The list of things we hold unto grows, time passes by and we give more room for our humanity, until one day, we choke the divine and become just human.

Life is too short to stay angry forever; I know that asking you to let go of hurts is easier said than done but the joy of forgiveness far outweighs the burden of a grudge. I encourage you to choose peace, freedom, joy, laughter and abundant life because in making these simple and intentional choices daily, we live life like it was meant to be, human but wholly divine.

Note to self: If it is within your means, live at peace with ALL men; set the prisoner free and experience a taste of the divine!

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  • manfredudoh

    Forgiving makes you to be free from everything you had in your heart.

  • Ima ima

    A topic of forgiveness brings a total awakening to me on a daily basis to guard and to cherish relationships despite all. Thanks very apt!


    Beautifully written. A gentle reminder that the time we have been gifted has a duration. Therefore, never allow the mistakes of others be the reason why we deny them forgiveness. There is no need to make their actions become your regrets.

    God continually bless the hands that write, the eyes that read and the receptive heart.

  • Obi-Azubuike Sarah

    So, I ended up binge-reading the write-ups this evening.
    Each one had a great story accompanied by a great message to adopt.
    I remember the “Father Abraham” Sunday… was smiling and reading.
    Next post please…!!!

  • Joy

    The burden of unforgiveness is so heavy. The holyspirit can truly set us free and lighten that burden if we can only let go. Thank you for the great read as usual.

    • You are welcome, we are glad you found the lessons useful.

  • Adetayo

    A good message in a time like this. I pray that the Holy spirit will teach us to forgive and forget. Great job!

  • Cent Nuel

    Great, great, great read!
    They say that holding a grudge is like punishing yourself for a wrong done to you by another person. True!

    I think the Bible stated steps to follow in making peace. It even involves getting some elders/pastors to help talk to the other person who is holding on to the grudge. @Famous Favour.

    And I wish Mikey a very GRACEFUL fifth birthday.
    Cheers fam

    • Thank you for your thoughts on the subject. I like the part on ‘punishing yourself for a wrong done to you by another person’

  • Famous Favour

    Peace is one thing one desire so dearly in his/her life. And imprison myself is another thing that I hate, please what can one do in a situation when you try as much as possible to make peace with the other person and he or she seems not ready to let go and you feel within you that you have to make things right, what solution is to be taken?

    • Forgiveness and making peace are two different things. Forgiveness is internal and within your control, it is a choice you make to deliberately let go of offence. You cannot choose how people treat you but you can choose your response. Forgiveness is activating your right to choose and choosing to do right. Making peace on the other hand is external, which means both parties have to be in agreement.

      So it is possible to forgive someone and the person is still not at peace with you but you are at peace with the person, yourself and God.

      If all attempts to make peace prove abortive, the bible says as long as it is within your means, live peaceably with all men. When it is not within your mean, find peace in your heart that you hold no offense and feel no ill will towards the person.

  • Affiong Abakasanga

    Great and inspiring reminder that we must always forgive. But I am thinking that in case someone who offends you is fetish, and you forgive and let go, I am thinking one needs to be wise relating with the person.( my opinion though). Thank you for this reminder and remain blessed always.

    • Interesting spin on the topic, hmm forgiveness requires you to let go of offense in your heart but doesn’t place a burden to be unnecessarily friendlier than required. May God give us wisdom to navigate life’s many challenges.

  • Edak

    People don’t seem to understand that they hurt themselves and carry a burden when they don’t forgive. Some claim to forgive but they don’t let go and will not hesitate to make reference to past hurts. True forgiveness has to be deliberate…too much to be said on this subject matter 🤦🏻‍♀️. I hope adult learn to have the heart of children, Respectfully talk to each other when they are hurt, take responsibility for their actions, apologize even when they think they are right and genuinely forgive! Love LOVE the topic Fam. Well done.

    • A life well lived is one lived out intentionally….
      Thank you

  • Thank you for the kind words, we are glad our post inspired you

  • Chidi

    …great piece!! Figured each time I forgive, I feel lighter and happier! I’ll make conscious effort to forgive more..

    Meanwhile, happy birthday to your son! God Bless him!🙏🏾❤️

    • Amen and Thank you..I can relate with feeling lighter and less heartbeats whenever the subject matter is mentioned…..

  • Wonderful read happy birthday to the young king!

  • Udeme Tom

    Reading this piece was reflective and refreshing, may God help me to be conscious of always letting go of anything that is capable to imprison and ware me down Amen. Thank you.

    • It is usually a journey but once you conquer the first urge to hold unto offence and experience freedom, it helps. Thank you for visiting

  • Toosh Baba

    Happy Birthday to the Lil man! I pray God helps us all in living free and divine “daily” as we ought to..because the frustration of imprisonment isn’t a good thing, and could weigh one down in a blink of an eye. Thank you! Life and Becoming..it was a nice read.

  • Walter Ajogbor

    Easy to connect with this story. Life is too short to hold grudges forever. Forgive, forget and move on. Thanks guys for a great narrative. Kudos. Keep them coming.

    • Thank you, we are glad you the post resonates with you.

  • Hilkiah

    Great! food for thought. Life is too short to stay angry forever, asking one to let go of hurts and qrudges is sometimes not idealistic.
    Happy birthday Great Man, master Michael, you shall soar higher than your equals.

    • Thank you very much. Letting go is the right thing to do…

  • Benny

    Beautiful start to the day, not dwelling on things too long, may that childlike joy never depart from us. 🙏🏾

  • ini Edinyang

    As you stated, it is sometimes easier said than done..But there’s a far greater reward in forgiving and thus we take one more step in alloeing the divinity overwhelm our humanity..

    • Yes, we are called to do right all the time, in the world but not of the world. Thank you

  • Fehintola

    “We grew, began to think too much of little things, remember too much, hold on to too much, assume too much and pick up little bad habits that compound like grease”.
    This is very true. God help me

    • His Grace is more than sufficient, thank you for reading.

  • Nancy Abraham

    Thanks for this piece. I’m still a work in progress. As a girl growing up, it was somewhat an achievement to see how long one could keep malice with the ‘opponent’… with the full backing of your click. Of course this led to pride and wanting to always be right. Thank God for the Holy Spirit who, through the years,has been helping me chop off those character flaws bit by bit. Now, I’m closely watching my children to make sure they don’t fall prey to some of those traps as they grow. May God help us.

    • We can relate with the malice contest, growing up, I helped myself by limiting the number of friends with malice keeping tendencies. We learn and grow, thank you.


    Great write-up.
    It means to remain an offended soul is to remain a prisoner.
    Everyone must deliberately decide to be free by forgiving offences.

    • Thank you for reading, letting go is like medicine, it brings relief and freedom.

  • Owoyi Esiere

    The subject of forgiveness always comes as a breath of fresh air. It truly sets one free.
    I enjoyed reading the piece.

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