As I walked casually in simple slipper that cost me less than $10, I do not recall the conversation in exact words but I think it went something like this, ‘Nice slippers’ and I must have replied, ‘Thank you, that is why I bought it’. (I heard that version of response from my cousin and since I have clownish tendencies, it stuck).

We kept talking, and then I heard the words, ‘it’s Hermes right’. I had myself a good laugh because it was no where near Hermes, it just had a ‘H’ looking like design in front of it. I knew that Hermes was not the cheapest of designers, so as I drafted this article, I decided to humor myself some more. A quick google search and the figures $700 popped up on my screen for a slippers, this is the point when my ancestor will exclaim Hian!(pronounced He-an, also known as What!). While there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a Hermes slippers if you can afford it, but on this day and at that time, it wasn’t what I was wearing. So, for the young shoe lovers who want to own the nicer things of life, please don’t fake it when you cannot afford it, be real to yourself.

Let me paint another picture, the name Chimamanda Adichie represents intelligent, eloquent, great writer and good speeches; you know like ‘The Danger of a Single Story’. If you know her and you are familiar with her work, you will agree with me that Chimamanda knows how to speak English for sure. So, imagine her on a podium giving one of her fancy speeches and she says in a poetic voice without flinching ‘the sun shined bright inside the African sky’. Guess what, even though we all know that the statement sounds a bit off or maybe straight up wrong, we are likely not to think too much about it because Chimamanda said it.

As I reflect on this, I realized that when we humans see something on someone that we place a certain value on, something in us transfers the value of the person to the thing. So if you think highly of someone, even if the person blots out complete rubbish like the picture I painted earlier or all of a sudden dresses silly; a part of you is likely to think that what the person said must be the new right and the dress code is the new cool.

But why will we do that? I guess we are just human. Which means if you invest time, energy and resources on branding ‘You’ Inc, then everything falls into place like clockwork. You worry less about what you wear, who you are wearing and those type of things that ordinary folks break bank for. You begin to define what trends within your circle and become the trend yourself, an Influencer of some sort. So invest in developing yourself and becoming a master at something, make it something that is good and adds value. One day, you will wake up and realize that your small voice counts and maybe just maybe in your own little way, you start trending.

We all love a beautiful pair of shoes and more, these simple shoes assumed the persona of the owner, and began to speak. Every shoe tells a story, what is yours saying?

Note to Self: Invest in ‘self’ over ‘things’ because in the end, it is not the shoe that matters but ‘who’ wears the shoe.

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Have a good week ahead!


  • Kelechi

    Totally Agree with this!

  • Ruth

    Nice piece…Thank you so much

  • Ada

    Thank you for this reminder to keep investing in my brand. Beautifully written!

  • Joy


  • Mercy edemeka

    Thanks a lot for this inspiring write up
    It was really helpful

  • Nvene Ada

    Thanks for this wonderful write up, first it was a captivating caption, and I also got a word to run with……..Invest in ‘self’ over ‘things’ because in the end, it is not the shoe that matters but ‘who’ wears the shoe.

  • Man, know thyself…self awareness. Very important to know yourself so you can choose yourself i.e. exercise your options so you can give yourself i.e. make good decisions and perform optimally based on YOUR own values. Thanks for another great article

    • Thank you very much for your comment. You cannot go wrong with being true to yourself.

  • MamaGee

    Thanks for this piece, have 3 teenage girls [ one is my daughter] and have just made read your piece. They are now so fashion conscious and want to be trail blazers. Hopefully, as I share with them your write ups my prayers are that they are imparted positively.
    Well done guys.

    • We totally love the teen audience and will be very happy to hear their thoughts on the post. Thank you very much

  • Edak

    In the words of Mark Twain “a man cannot be comfortable without his own own approval”

    Good write up!

  • Chidi

    ..thank you for this great piece! I always learn a thing or two each time I see a new write up!

  • Chidi

    ..thank you for their great piece! I always learn a thing or two each time I see a new write up!

    • Good to know, we are glad you find our post educative. Thank you

  • emem ime

    good piece… God bless you

  • Razaq Obe

    The core of anything of value always stays invisible. Great minds seek the core but the flippant burn themselves out chasing the fleeting facade.

  • Toosh Baba

    You’re enough. Always remember that. Wonderful piece.

  • Great read! Reminds me of these words from the good book..”a man’s life does not consist of the things he owns”….


    Especially love this…”these simple shoes assumed the persona of the owner and began to speak. What do yours say?”

    • Really, they are so many things that we are much more than. Thank you for the scripture reference too

  • manfredudoh

    So Inspiring, God bless you


    This read is so true and I can relate to it. Note to self, you are not defined by your assets and possessions. The price does not always reflect the true value, worth and quality of a thing. At the end of the day, we will all give an account of how we spent the time and resources God gifted to us. Remember, you are a steward and custodian of everything God has given to you. Therefore, there is simply no need to lie about the price of the items you have or create an impression or image that is not you. Be your own kind of beautiful. Br your own brand and model it well. Honestly, no one really cares about how much or what designer you wear. Live your life and be content with whatever you have and whatever station you find yourself in life. Cut your coat according to your yard or measure. This life not a competition.

    • I hear your shoes speak loud and clear, be your own brand. Thank you for your comment

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