Think like an Employer

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty. (Proverbs 21:5 NLT)

At the start of every year, most companies have a goals planning session where the management team reviews the prior year’s performance of the company and develops plans for the year in view and beyond. These companies care enough about their entity to spend time planning. In our various roles at work, some of us have taken part in these sessions directly or indirectly. This type of strategic planning sets the company up for success and clarifies the focus areas for the year. Good for the Company, right!

Unfortunately, for some of us, that is how far our planning goes as our own lives stay plan-less, focus-less and vision-less. 100 years from now we wonder why the Rockefellers’ are still rich. Well, to put it simply, you helped them plan and build but forgot to transfer those skills to your own life and family….what a shame!

Hard words but necessary to push us to pay attention to the way things are done in the businesses that we work for and take the learning home.

A few years back, I was the budget contact for my department. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the numbers and the gruelling review process, that experience gave me insight into how planning works in the corporate world. I realized that the company had a plan for this year, next year and five years ahead. I took the learning home, leveraging on an Excel template that one of my colleagues graciously shared with me, we modified it to suit our own needs. The template helped us plan financially, track our inflow and outflow and stay accountable. It also enabled us to make informed financial decisions over the years. We also have an informal goal-setting activity where we chat casually about how far we have come as a couple and a family and where we would like to go beyond this point. Having this conversation forces us to put things in place that propel us to our future state.

I remember the words of the scripture that says,

“But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it? (Luke 14:28 NLT)

When you plan, you are counting the cost; when you count the cost, you are wise; when you are wise, you are acting like you were created in His image and likeness. Think of how orderly the creation story reads, a plot designed by the Master Project Manager.

We all go to work for at least 264 out of 366 days every year, as you interact with your employers, think of their business model, if it is successful and ethical, learn from it. Adopt it shamelessly and incorporate it into your life and home. As we approach the end of 2020, you can start now to review and plan for the coming year.

Note to Self – You are the CEO of your life and home, so look around and where you find a good business model, think like that employer, put on your hat and mind your business well.

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  • Toosh Baba

    Wonderful read as always. What a relief too. In essence; don’t just stop at the company, apply those amazing skills to yourself too. Because, your life is also a SERIOUS business to watch out for.

  • Ini💗

    Never really been a Future Planner(if that makes sense)🙈..Just go as the Spirit leads😊.But then, it’s important to set a framework and let God orchestrate every step and bit of whatever project it is.

  • Thank you so much, this was a good read.

  • Ada

    Thank you for this. Another reminder that I need to start prayerfully setting my goals for next year.

  • Glogee

    Another thought provoking post. Thank you and well done .

  • Ruth

    Thank you so much for this, may God bless you.

  • manfredudoh

    This is interesting, thank you ma’am, may God bless you


    I love this part: I am the CEO of my life and home… and so I must think like an employer. This is an excellent guideline to plan for 2021. Thank you my Pastors and remain blessed.

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