Faith Through Her Eyes

An email from the Daycare centre on a Saturday morning was unusual. Our guess was right, it was unusual. It was a one-pager informing all Parents and Caregivers that someone at the Center tested positive for COVID-19 and affected parents will be contacted for further details. Up until now, the Center had been up and running through the hectic months of the first wave of the pandemic and there was no case recorded. This was the reason why we felt comfortable sending our daughter back in September.

My husband and I discussed the content of the letter, hoping that the call will not come to us or anyone else for that matter. Thirty minutes later, my phone rang. The call was from an unknown number. A nice nurse from Public Health confirmed our identity and proceeded to inform us that our two-year-old daughter had to go into isolation for 14days. How do you begin to isolate with a two-year-old? We wondered…

I moved with her into one of the rooms and moved Dad and the other children to other parts of the house. Even though, most of what the Nurse said still felt like gibberish to me, at that moment, I was calm and felt a sense of peace. You know the type of calmness that you feel when you know that power to save comes from only one source and you have got to trust that source.

As we began to settle into our new routine, I began to feel a stream of ‘what ifs’ flowing out of me. My daughter went about life normally like nothing was happening. She was making the most use of our new box, classic childlikeness, the kind that Jesus loves.

Observing her, the writer in me began to engrave these words…..

Faith like a child requires trusting like a child, trusting requires freeing yourself from the situation and handing it completely to God.

She played a lot and watched TV, I am sure she felt something was wrong since her movement was now restricted but she didn’t stop doing what children love to do, she played as she will always do, recreating a new playground in her isolation zone.

Through her eyes, I saw that when we go through trying times, we keep moving not ignoring the pain and inconvenience but doing so despite it.

She cried too, all she wanted was to walk out of that room and over to the side of the door where her two siblings stood. This new life was abnormal and she wanted out. Occasionally, she will crawl up to a masked Mama seeking comfort and reassurance.

We too will have days when we will cry through the pain wishing that someone will shout ‘cut” as if it was a movie. When the words don’t come, we cry to a figurative mama and then in her arms, find the courage to live through the day and the next and many more until finally, we hear the words ‘Cut’.

She ate and slept too.

We are fully human so even in the face of trials, we must still eat and sleep to keep alive and healthy enough to embrace relief when it finally comes.

Watching her truly felt like reading through a script. To pass time, I tried to force myself to read, it didn’t work, so I switched to my playlist on Spotify. A few weeks back, I created a line up of five songs and right now they felt so perfect for my ears. The songs felt carefully selected for a time like this. It felt like ‘Someone’ knew that a time will come when all I could do was worship. In my walk with God, He has always sent me a Song and a Word for the night. The word came through an encouraging sermon. Sitting in the pews, I kept saying, this word is for me. I meant it on a different note but turns out He meant it on this note. The word was simple, reminding us that pandemics of this kind are not new, history has witnessed several of them and on each occasion, man found a way to keep living.

We are to keep living, called to be the light no matter the situation, reminded that God’s plan for us is not on lockdown and implored to pray for the peace and welfare of the land because therein lies our peace and welfare. What a word! Simple and clear. So at times like this, what is required of me is to stay calm, shine my light by obeying simple instructions like wearing a mask and staying isolated. I found the courage to pray not for my child but for every child in the Daycare and the caregivers too. I stopped thinking about us, we have God and because He lives, we can face tomorrow. And even if tomorrow doesn’t come, there is a place prepared for us.

By Day 2, my daughter stood guard at the door, shutting out everyone who shouldn’t be in the room. She knew everyone needed to be outside that room, even though she didn’t know why. She touched her mouth and said “mouth”, her way of asking for her mask. She probably thought we were playing dress-up.

I stared at her most of the time as she repeatedly asked for hand sanitizer and even rubbed some on her musical elephant.

Our ‘what if’ moments were scary, my mind played tricks on me as we went from symptom to symptom. Nothing lasting more than a few hours. Time went by and finally the last call from the Health official confirming that we could come out at midnight. The rest of the family were on the other side of the door, happy that the barriers were finally down, we celebrated as a family.

At birth, we called her Faith and this season, I saw Faith through her eyes.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. (Hebrew 11:1, Bible)

Note to Self -When we believe, it is not as though we feel or sees it but we know it. We just do.

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  • Nancy Abraham

    Faith through her eyes….hmmmm. exercising faith should be easy but it’s not easy because of the “what ifs” that keeps plaguing our thoughts. May God help us to truly have childlike hearts. To let go and let God in trying times… at all times.

  • Toosh Baba

    I guess no words can express the thoughts on this read.


    Faith through her eyes! This is very inspiring reminding me to trust God despite my challenges and trials. I really got value here: she ate,slept,played, and going through her daily routine even though the challenge was there.
    God please help me to keep calm and go about my normal routine in the face of trials.
    Thank you so much my Pastors and Faith’s healing is made perfect and permanent in Jesus name amen. Remain blessed my Pastors!

    • Thank you for your comment. Just a note of correction, Faith was not sick, she was just in contact with someone who tested positive and so she had to isolate for that period.

  • Ada

    This was lovely to read. Thank you for sharing lessons from your ‘isolation’ experience.

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