10,000 and More Reasons

We drove by a church and saw this signage up front, ‘I am not buying a 2021 Planner until I see a trailer’. Not the trailer that moves, this signage was referring to the sneak preview you get of an upcoming movie, Yeap! that type of trailer. Seeing how 2020 turned out, you wouldn’t blame the person who came up with those words. This year was challenging on many fronts for different people. Our hearts go out especially to everyone who lost a loved one this year, praying that God comforts those left behind.

In the midst of all that could go wrong in one given year, you may find it difficult to be thankful or find any reason to. We understand but we have decided to be thankful and this is why. 2020 gave us a fresh perspective on life, making us think differently about what is important. Our list of reasons why we are thankful looks a little different and maybe off but its 2020, the year of the not so normal ‘Normal’.

So here we go, enjoy the roll call…..

1. Thankful for toilet paper – Yes, for the first time in our lives, we witnessed toilet paper elevate in priority, becoming an endangered specie. The shopping aisle was empty as many carted away with rolls of toilet paper, you will think it contained some kind of nourishment for the pandemic.
We did not join the madness but we had enough until the stores restocked.

2. Thankful for a sound mind – I was confined to a room for 14 days with my two-year-old daughter and We survived it.

3. Thankful for the great outdoors – Nature becomes beautiful when you have to stare at it from inside. Because we had limited options, we began to value simple things like taking a walk or driving around town.

4. Thankful for restriction – Being asked to sit still and not go out forced us to see the beauty within our walls and also gave us an appreciation for freedom that we often take for granted. Growing up, my dad insisted that Christmas was a day to spend with your family so we didn’t go out on Christmas day. This year as my city is still under lockdown restrictions, I am grateful that my dad taught us early to stay home with family on Christmas day.

5. Thankful for remote work – I have always being a fan of flexibility and looked forward to a time when employers and employees will reach a compromise on what works. Before 2020, most employers felt it was impossible to work from home but 2020 left employers with not too many options and everyone is happier to experience, appreciate and choose what works best.

6. Thankful for time to step back and discover one’s self –  A lot of hidden talents gained expression for so many people in 2020. So many written dreams became living dreams and this year, we have all watched so many Amateurs become Pros in new lines of endeavours.

7. Thankful for knowledge – 2020 was the year of information overload, so many free learning resources and those who took advantage of them,  GREW!

8. Thankful for Teachers – We have always respected teachers and caregivers but this year that respect grew. A few months of homeschooling gave us perspective. God bless our Educators!

9. Thankful for frontline workers – Men and women who choose daily to show up to work regardless of imminent danger and serve tirelessly with smiles on their faces. God bless our frontline workers.

10. Thankful for songs like Bare Necessities from the movie ‘Jungle book’ – Reminding us that after all is said and done, all we need are the bare necessities of life – food, water, clothing and shelter.

Our list this year is deliberately unconventional. Of course, our conventional list has more than 10,000 reasons for our heart to sing ‘Bless the Lord oh, my soul’.

Thank you God for 2020!

Not even our excel spreadsheet prepared us for what 2020 had in store for us but You knew, You saw and You still declare that ‘You have a plan for us, plans of good and not evil to give us a hope and a future’. Your word encourages us to give thanks no matter how the year went because whatever we faced, You knew…..

Note to Self – I am writing my 2021 plan, I don’t need a trailer because I’ve got You. You know and that is all that matters!

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Have a great day!


  • Ifiok

    It been a years we’ll never forget .

  • Udy

    The story is told about an old man at the tail end of his life who was asked “what are your greatest regrets? “. His response: “the things that never happened”. As I read this, I’ll flip that around and say I am greatful for the things that did not happen. I did not stop eating and sleeping. I did not lose the ability to pay my childrens’ school fees. I did not lose my sanity, my health and peace of mind. I did not stop believing that there’s a chance for a better tomorrow. I did not stop trying to reach the goals I had. There are so many awful things that could have happened but did not, and I am very grateful to God that they didn’t!

    • Your comment reminded us of a time our Pastor asked us to thank God for all our disappointments. So as we reflect on all that could have happened that did not happen, we echo with you – Thank you Lord for all that did not happen. For we know that ALL things work together for our good. Thank you for your comment.

  • Affiong Abakasanga

    Indeed 2020 has been a great year to me. A year I lost my mum,and God has preserved me. A year I lost my job due to the pandemic, yet, I am not idle. A year that got my husband to stay longer (3months) offshores, yet God is still preserving me and my children. A year that opened my eyes to business, making huge sales of garri without any shop, joining a networking company and excelling in it. 2020 has been a year that my family has not visited the hospital neither did we pay hospital bills. God is faithful, I can go on and on to count. The list is endless. Thanks to lifeandbecoming.com for their constant reminder of our creator’s existence. Thank you my Pastors and remain blessed.

    • An endless list of blessings is a blessing in itself. We thank God for comforting you in your time of grief and providing in the midst of loss. Thank you for following us closely too

  • Joy

    I have so many reasons to thank God. 2020 is almost our best year ever admist the ups and downs and we are super grateful. Truly 10,000 more reason…… Thanks for lifeandbecoming, God bless you ma and sir

    • That is wonderful news, that a year like 2020 will be considered your best. God has a way of making something out of a mess. We rejoice with you and your family.

  • Ada

    I really love this.

    I am thankful that I have learnt to daily list things I am thankful for even in this season. And yes I am thankful that I know the one who holds the future, so I move confidently into 2021 trusting that that same one holds my life.

    • Keeping a list is a good way to remind ourselves of what God has done. thank you for your comment.

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