Every now and then, I love to sit back, relax and watch a good movie. My husband likes action movies from the Marvel Hall of Fame. One of the scene from an action-packed movie that stays with me is when a fighter jet is about to release a missile. The first action the fighter pilot undertakes is to find the target and then lock the target. At that point, someone will utter the words ‘target acquired’ and next, the missile is released. I often find it amusing how the missile trails the target to a logical conclusion. In the end, something is blown up. A skilled pilot might be able to lure the missile long enough to trick it into blown itself upon contact with another object but oftentimes, the missile trails the target until an explosion occurs.

This year, ‘Focus’ may be a good skill to acquire because focus keeps you on the track that you need to be once you identify where you are going. So where are you going this year? Who do you want to become? What do you want to achieve? Who is waiting for you to show up?

The Bible reminds us that ‘the world is waiting for us to manifest’ (Romans 8.19). Manifestation is an outward expression of ‘Who’ and ‘What’ is on your inside. It is time for us to begin to ask some pertinent questions – Why me? Why now? Why here? The answers to these simple questions can guide you to your target. Once the target is acquired, just like the fighter, you can release the missile that ‘you are’ and go after that target with an appetite that can only be quenched when the mission is accomplished.

You have a mission, I have mine too, it gets clearer every day. Like Paul, may we run the race that is before us and feel bold to declare, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith and now I can claim my crown. More than ever before, I encourage you to run your race with laser focus and stay rooted in your faith in God because that too will be tested daily. Don’t fall by the wayside, make it across the finish line…..Focus


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  • Uche Centnuel

    Very timely and apt.

  • Anita Udom

    “Make it across the finished”, my take home. More grace to you

  • Comfort

    It’s really a wake up call, on target. This year my focus is on, God is for me, with me and in me. Paul worked with that mind set and was able to achieve so much in God’s kingdom. So God helping me my focus will be on him so as to get the target

  • Uduak Akpan

    With the super-abundant distractions we all contend with, this is a salient reminder of probably the most important ingredient needed for success these days. It may be worth mentioning that there is a somewhat ruthless mindset that is needed both to acquire focus and to stay focused.

  • Affiong John Abakasanga

    “Focus” the key word on who I become this year and what I become. Most especially looking unto Jesus, my great helper and Compass who will navigate my year 2021 to a great end. Thanks for this soft reminder. God bless you my Pastors.

  • Glogee

    Thank you for this timely piece, a gentle reminder to me not to be distracted no matter what.Staying focus on my goals above all on Jesus my helper.

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