It has been one year since Life and Becoming started and we have loved this journey. Every Saturday, we committed to share a story in our quest to reach ‘One’. Each story challenged us personally and we hope changed your own perspective. We reached more than one and we are taking time out to acknowledge all those who helped us in this journey.

Thanking God for daily inspiring and giving us the courage to keep writing, one story at a time and reaching one person at a time.

Thank you to our family for being our first readers and cheerleaders.

Thank you to our techy friends who came alongside us to help us figure out the technology behind blogging. Thank you for your time and effort.

Thank You to you, our readers who come back every week to read and connect with us – what’s the point of a story if there is no one to read it. Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sending us private and public words of encouragement. Thank you to those who spotted errors and reached out to tell us to correct a spelling. Thank you for receiving our whatsapp reminder every week and clicking or ignoring it. All in good faith.

We love you and pray that as you continue this journey with us, we will all grow together and receive boldness to share our story, not because they are any different but because in the midst of it all, they point to our source and just by sharing them, we testify Christ.

God bless you!

Idorenyin & Thelma


  • nwobi

    Congrats Sis, I read Thelma most times not Idy….correct me if I am wrong L~M D Nnabuife-NwobiThy Will be done+234(0)8061309842

  • Joy

    Congratulations ma and Sir.. Though I’ve not been consistent in reading your articles weekly, but I’ve always gained a lot in the few I read. Thank you so much for always always sharing. More insights and God bless you.

  • Affiong John Abakasanga

    Congratulations to I have been blessed with those lovely articles that point us all to our CREATOR. Thank you very much my Pastors for being a blessing to this generation. Wishing you grace and strength to do more exlpoits for the Lord in Jesus name amen.

  • Ada

    Congratulations to you on your first year anniversary 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Many more impactful writing ahead.

  • Oyeyemi Isaac Oluwagbemiga

    Wow!!! Like play like play, one year as gone. Congratulations to life and becoming more inspiration, more revelation to impact your generation in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
    I am blessed.

  • Makavelli

    Happy one year Anniversary! Your blog has proven consistency and also impacted positively in my life..keep sitting on top!✨

  • Monica Lewis

    I am always blessed by your stories! I say a big thank you to you both for your consistency. How time flies in just a moment. One whole year. We are thankful for what God has done. God bless you!

  • Uche Centnuel

    Congratulations is in order dearest sir&ma. Thank God for consistency.
    I have personally been blessed by your write ups (stories). May God continue to bless you

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