Paper Trail

Have you ever tried chasing a piece of paper that is being blown away by the wind, Pretty difficult right? In most cases, you never catch it.

To chase this paper, you’ll need to focus on the paper, the wind direction and nothing else. Often, the paper falls to the ground, stays for a few seconds, attracting you to it and off it goes again. Almost like the paper or the wind is playing tricks on you. Oh! I forgot to mention that you’ll also have to contend with oncoming vehicles. So much energy, just to catch a piece of paper that you may never get. Finally, you stop and wonder why you even bothered, you hiss and turn around and the paper goes on its never-ending journey riding where the wind takes it, just like a stray balloon or kite.

Depending on how long you put into the chase, you would have probably wasted a few minutes or more. But do you know that those minutes can turn to days, months and years when you consider some of the things that we all chase in our lifetime? We risk losing out on the things that really matters and even stand the chance of hurting others in the process. I guess the following questions are worth asking: Is it really worth it? What are we giving up for the chase? What risks are we taking for the chase? And whether or not we catch ‘It’, will we look back and regret lost time?

The book of Ecclesiastes talks a lot about chasing things in life that in the end, comes to nothing.

“I observed everything going on under the sun, and really, it is all meaningless – like chasing the wind”. (Ecclesiastes 1:14 NLT)

I remember talking to a friend a few years ago who was a full time Employee, an active Politician, a Pastor, a Husband/Father and was doing a PhD at the time. His family seemed to be paying the heavy price for all the caps he was wearing. I gave him this advice back then. I told him to pay attention to the cap that has the greatest potential of pulling all others down if it falls. I reminded him that the crowd that comes with all other caps will be there to laugh and celebrate with you, but only one of these caps will be there to cry with you. Take your pick and focus on the right cap – the cap with responsibilities and consequences that stay with you to the end.

Back to analogy of the flying paper, sometimes, depending on what information is on the paper being blown away, losing the paper may be too costly. You should carefully, tactfully and cautiously chase, while looking out for your safety and the safety of others around you.

Not everything lost is worth chasing. While you decide on what is worth chasing, always remember to strike the right balance between the chase and the cost.

Note to self – Sometimes, in letting some things fly away, the wind may just blow them right back to you. Choose wisely

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4 thoughts on “Paper Trail

  1. Prioritize your chases and focus on chasing the one with the potential of taking care of the rest.
    Some of the things we chase are things we need to let go of.
    A lovely read as usual. God bless.


  2. Excellent reminder about not wasting our time on infinitesimal things. Happy weekend my Pastors.


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