“We are nothing but pencils in the hands of the creator”

This is a popular phrase we all know and use, meaning God’s absolute control over us. I was teaching this to my children recently, telling them how as pencils in the hand of God, He can use us to write messages to the world. My daughter quickly said “we are also erasers in God’s hand too”. I said No! God wants to write messages not erase them (my closed mind) then she replied, “see dad, God can use us to erase the things that He doesn’t want in the world, like sickness”. My son joined, “we are like Markers too, God can use us to write and touch people and make it permanent in their lives just like His word” My daughter said again, “we are rulers too” and they both went on and on about the different things we can be in God’s hands. I was amazed at how God was speaking through them. This session started out as with me as the teacher but I ended up becoming the student. Amazing ways God speaks to us…

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise

Matt 21:16b

So it dawned on me, we are all but tools that can be used in anyway God pleases.

  • God used Moses as a pen to write five books to the world. He also used him as a weapon against the mighty Egypt.
  • God used Jonah as a ruler to straighten the people of Nineveh.
  • God used David as an eraser to erase Goliath (This is my son, not me).
  • God used John as a loudspeaker crying out in the wilderness.
  • God used Jesus as an eraser to erase sin, sickness and death.
  • God used the Apostles and Paul as pens to convey His unfailing love to us in the New Testament.
  • God uses the Holy Spirit as a Marker to permanently seal us as His own and to imprint His words in our hearts.
  • God will use Jesus as a Vehicle to bring us to Alpha.

God has a grand Toolbox and He has made us different tools in it to be used on the earth. When we meet Him, He will ask us how we used the tool He made us to be.

Note to self – Are you thinking of what tool God has made you? There is only one way to find out, Yield totally to Him.

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  • Benny

    Lovely, I could hear their voices saying those words, thank you for the message 👏🏾 God bless

  • Ada

    Interesting take on being tools in the hands of the creator.

    And how I love your children’s suggestions… God indeed does speak in different ways – challenging status quo even from the mouths of our children.

  • Nancy Abraham

    Truly I was stuck on the “pencil/pen tool”. Now I’ve learnt that we can be everytool and anytool to fulfil God’s purpose on earth. Thank you so much for this message. As I yield to God, I’ll keep an open mind to be whatever tool He chooses me to be… Even tissue paper.

  • Affiong John Abakasanga

    Powerful and inspiring! I got value on the different tools the children mentioned that can used by God. God bless them. Thank you my Pastors. Have a lovely weekend!

  • Betseabasi Edward

    Very good message
    Thanks sir/ma’am

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