Looking back, we both prayed some very intentional and specific prayers.  This is one area of our lives that I believe we were quite intentional about. Marriage is that important, when you take a moment to consider the long term commitment and the impact on generations unborn, you will know that you should spend time seeking God’s face for the journey ahead.

And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for.
1 John 5:14‭-‬15 NLT

My prayers were quite specific and no area was off-limit. So what did I pray for? Every and anything that came to mind.

• I prayed that I did not want to have to deal with alcohol, late nights or a man who spends more time out with his buddies than his family. I was very particular about the bottle, in words, I asked God that whoever he is bringing my way should have had a healthy dose of alcohol to last him a lifetime. I did not want to deal with all the questions around, is it ok to do, how much is ok, when do you stop, and the side attachments that comes with alcohol consumption. Based on personal preference, I just did not want to add that to the list of things to worry about in marriage. I prayed and by the time he showed up, it was no longer on his to-do list. When he said goodbye to the bottle, someone’s prayer was answered somewhere.

• I also prayed that we will be best friends, this was important to me. It was important that we were accountable to each other and did not have a backup plan or divided loyalties. At that time, I had friends, a best friend for different segments of my life, no single best friend, so I did not have to worry about myself. He had a best friend, they were close, he did not bother me personally, but my prayers were already registered in heaven, so it was not about any specific individual. At this point in our relationship, I lived in a different country and as I planned to visit, he made a plan with his best friend to join the Welcome Party. That never happened, in the weirdest of ways, they lost touch and despite attempts by my husband to find him, they only reconnected 13 years after. In that time, we have been married for 11 years with three children to show for it. We really cannot explain what happened there, but I know that I pray a simple prayer and I guess I got an answer.

I shared these stories to provide a glimpse into the many ways God has shown up even hearing the most simple of prayers. Remember if it is worth worrying about, it is worth praying about.

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  • Ha! Where should I even start from? As a guy, I started praying about my marital future from age 19. Not that I was interested in getting married at that age, or even starting a relationship, but I have seen a few ‘senior friends’ and the marriages they had then; some were desirable, while others were not. It became clear to me that if I ‘married well’, loving and serving the Lord becomes a lot more easier.

    Marriage has it’s own challenges, but not having to deal with a few other avoidable dramas is always a blessing.

    So I prayed for God to give me a Friend who is also a ‘Jesus Lover’ and passionate career woman. Did God answer? Oh yes He did.

    The mantra for me then was “pray before your battle begins” (still the same today). I’m glad I prayed well in advance about my marriage, and God’s faithfulness is ever sure.

    12 years, 11 months and 1 day today being married!!!

  • Faith Patrick

    I was really blessed by this. Thank you so much Ma.

  • Edidiong James Ukoinam

    Indeed God answers prayers. When I was ready for marriage, I asked God to give me a lady who will not be my wife – but a sister and a friend. He just brought her my way. My wife is a gift from God. Each day is a blessing in our marital journey. God is interested in our heart desires and He wants us to live life happy.
    God bless you for this piece.

  • This particularly blessed me; a reminder that i can pray about the littlest of things and God is interested in every area of my life. Thank you.

    • Biola Ighalo

      Absolutely God hears and answers prayers.
      My father complains about food a lot…its one thing or the other…I prayed I don’t want a partner that complains like him, God answered me. Hubby enjoys his food and even thanked me afterwards.
      Thanks for sharing. More grace in Jesus name 🙏

  • Affiong John Abakasanga

    Yes, indeed God hears and answers prayers. Every thing I ever prayed for in a man is what God gave to me. For instance, I didn’t want a smoker, and by the time he showed up, he had quited smoking.
    Also, I cried to God specifically about faithfulness as I don’t have any energy to fight another woman and have emotional trauma. Today I am my husband’s only QUEEN.😍 Indeed, God is a prayer answering God. Than you my Pastors for this reminder. God bless you and your family always. Happy weekend!

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