Most companies have an employee referral program that allows employees refer qualified people within their network to be considered for job opening. The basic assumption is that an employee is an ambassador for the company, knows, and understands the company well enough to identify individuals within their circle that would be a good fit for the company. By referring someone, the employee is saying,’I know this person well enough and based on what I know, the company will benefit from hiring this person’. Our post today will focus on the simple concept of ‘knowing a person’.

The Bible tells us that on the last day, Jesus will say these words to some, ‘I know you not’. Those words are worth reflecting on, especially if you spend your life professing that you know Him. What will make you be so unrecognisable that the One you profess to follow will turn His back and say ‘I know you not’.

Let us explore what it means to know Him and to be known by him –

1. If you know Him, you will keep/obey His commands – Obeying simply means following His footsteps.The Bible is filled with God’s instructions on how to live a life that pleases Him. Knowing Him is doing what He says we should do, it is loving/fearing Him so much that we hate to hurt or grieve Him. Yes, each time we sin, we grieve Him. Each time we sin, we put Him through the painful process of intercessing for us. I know we have a high priest who is constantly interceding for us, but do you want His blood to finish on your head only?’ Must we make ourselves special projects? Can we give Him a breather so that He can focus on other special cases? It is great that we can not exhaust Him but let the picture that I painted sit in our heads for some time.

2. If you know Him, you will love Him with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighour as yourself – it’s all in with God, hot or cold, not lukewarm; in or out, not midway. A decision for God is a full 180, turning around and moving along. The transformation is so obvious; it is called taking on ‘the new man’. It is fully devoting yourself, waking up daily, and choosing Him through your words, thoughts, and actions.

3. If you love Him, you will walk in the light – During our home group last week, we realised that alot of us Christians, no longer take the word ‘sin’ seriously and that explains our attitude to it. We make light of it and even make statements like if I sin, does it mean I will go to hell?  We decided to replace sin with the words ‘living in darkness’, and the conversation changed immediately because no one wanted to associate with darkness. When you sin, you are stepping out of light into darkness. Since darkness and light cannot co-exist, each time we sin, we are saying to God, ‘can you step out of the room, there is something I want to do and I know you can’t stand it, so you need to leave’. Ouch, those words hurt!

4. To know Him is to crave the right things, set your sight on things of eternal value, ‘love not the world’ – does it mean we cannot have stuff is the question we pondered on this past thursday? The answer is simple: you can have stuff as long as ‘stuff’ doesn’t have you. What do we crave, and why do we crave it? Do we place more value on stuff than on our most important relationships? How often do you choose ‘stuff’ over relationships? Your answer to these questions will help you determine if you value stuff over eternal.

5. To know Him is to be hated by the world – the prince of the world, aka Satan, should have nothing on you. Oh boy, this one is tough territory. You will be left out, abused, labelled, persecuted, and killed for His sake. Depending on what part of the world you live in, you will experience one of these actions.

Like the employee referral program, does Jesus know you enough to refer you to the Father when the vacancy in heaven makes it to the job board? Oh yes, it will look like a recruitment campaign with God as the hiring manager and Jesus as the recruiter. Your resume or CV will be the script you act out daily, and Jesus, as the high priest, will make a case for the ones He knows. For some others, it will simply be, ‘I don’t know him/her.

Our closing question for us to ponder on – When He comes, will you be known?

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4 thoughts on “Known”

  1. Affiong John Abakasanga

    Excellent reminder about my daily walk with God in this sinful world. Recently, I rebuked some persons about indecent dressing, and it happened that I was odd, and every one was against me. What a world 🙄, where sin is the order of the day. My prayers remain that God will continue to help me walk with HIM so that Jesus will recognise me on the last day.
    Thank you so much my Pastors for this write up, God bless you real good.

  2. What an amazing illustration to be recruited based on recommendation (association) and qualification (CV). To be referred by Jesus to the Father based on our performance, value and works. To be vouched and endorsed by our Mentor who has given us the blueprint to follow and leading is worthy of emulation. Such an honor to be a part of this company. To be hired as an employee and become a brand ambassador of the Kingdom. Wow!

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