Interestingly, the path of a believer is supposed to be layered with storms. ‘In this world, you will have troubles’ is one scripture that comes to mind. ‘Many are the afflictions of the righteous is another one. In every case, there is an assurance of respite for those who break through. There is a reminder that storms build our muscles both physically and spiritually. Many of the great hymns that we sing today were the direct result of stormy times. ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘It is well’ were songs written in someone’s nighttime that now comfort many of us in our night season. Today, we can draw strength and indeed count it all joy when we go through trying times because we have a multitude of witnesses who are now a reference point for us.

In 1997, my entire family was en route to the village, we loved those road trips and I have had the chance to pen a few stories about our road adventures. This particular road trip was different, there was a storm ahead of us and we had no idea what lay ahead. No one has a recollection of what happened as we became conscious of cries, shattered windows, blood everywhere, and unknown chatters. On my side of the vehicle, I felt electric shocks and cried out, asking why the car was ‘shocking me’. As I gained consciousness, I realized that everyone had their cross to carry, there were broken bones and deep cuts but thankfully, everyone was alive. I heard my dad tell the crowd that we had gas/fuel in the car, that information was critical to our safety as some others have made it out alive only to be consumed in flames. That accident was a major storm in our lives, everything stopped as we spent the months that followed recovering from different levels of injury. It has been 25 years since that incident, I still have the scars from the stitches on my head which are still visible due to my short hairstyle.

My scar is…

  • A visible reminder of God’s mercy
  • A visible reminder of God’s preservation
  • A visible reminder that perhaps I am still alive for a reason
  • A visible reminder of God’s protection
  • A visible reminder of God’s provision
  • A visible reminder of God’s favour
  • A visible reminder that life is a vapour and that our time here should be used wisely
  • A visible reminder that storms come to everyone
  • A visible reminder that there are situations that money, status, or fame cannot get you out of
  • A visible reminder that we are like clay in the hands of the potter
  • A visible reminder that we will give an account of our lives here on earth
  • A visible reminder that no matter what comes, we can trust in God because He is faithful to keep his words and promises over us
  • A visible reminder that life, as we know it, has an end and we should daily live a life that is worthy of the words ‘well done’

Storms are not meant to be perfect but when they come, they always present a perfect opportunity to see visible reminders of God.

What is your stormy story? Did you make note of the perfect lessons?

The words ‘perfect’ and ‘storm’ are hardly a match for each other. You will agree with me that there is nothing perfect about a storm. Storms are usually unplanned disruptions to our day, they upset a perfect day or plan. Storms typically result in loss of different magnitude and usually present an enormous challenge for those hit by them. Some events that have this effect are natural disasters, war or rumours of war, insecurity, health challenges, marital challenges, money problems, sudden loss of a job, heavy financial loss, or the loss of a loved one. If you are human, you can tick one or two from this list.

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