Let’s Talk!

Jane felt that her husband was wasteful. He was always giving out money to people ‘in need‘. As soon as he heard their story, he would immediately respond by giving without thinking. Jane knew that most of these stories were lies and an attempt to deceive her husband. Growing up, John’s father worked for aContinue reading “Let’s Talk!”

Hand in Hand II

About a year into our marriage, we had dinner at my dad’s house with one of his friends. As we were saying our goodbyes after dinner, my dad’s friend suddenly exclaimed, “Ido!”. He went on to say, “make sure you listen to this woman that God has given to you, she will save you fromContinue reading “Hand in Hand II”

Lest We Forget 2

And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and prayers. Acts 2:42 Last week, we reflected on the ways of the early church to remind ourselves of the basics. We talked about the importance of studying the Word and Fellowship with other believers. One of my early memoriesContinue reading “Lest We Forget 2”

On Customs & Footprints

We were moving to a new city and as expected, we had certain fears associated with moving. One of those fears for us was the impact of a change of environment on our children. At a send forth event organized for us, I had a conversation with an older friend who in my opinion hadContinue reading “On Customs & Footprints”

The 7000

I was listening to a song recently and these words jumped out at me “For we’ve settled the question, we’ve made our choice”. The more I ponder on the song, the more I realize that the writers of the song were very intentional about those words. My thoughts… when you answer a question, there’s roomContinue reading “The 7000”