Demystifying the ‘Unknown’

Last week, I shared a personal story about our family’s experience with taking risk or exercising ‘Dogged Faith’ like one of the readers called it. As part of the journey, I mentioned that we went through some major lifestyle changes, but did not give details. I feel like telling tales today. I heard that MumContinue reading “Demystifying the ‘Unknown’”

He took a RISK that changed our lives……

It was 6.30am as we stood around the table chatting about life events. My sister who now worked in Port Harcourt(PH), Nigeria came home for a weekend visit. I recall that before she moved to PH, she had the option of comfort in a smaller city with less traffic and a strong family support system.Continue reading “He took a RISK that changed our lives……”

Quick Question

Knowledge, they say is power! There are so many ways to acquire it, some routes take more time than others. In my quest for knowledge, I have relied on several quick questions to help me bridge the gap from ‘Unknown’ to ‘Known’. Since I cannot claim to know everything, quick questions have become a recurringContinue reading “Quick Question”