Losing out on the Divine…

Our son turns the big five today and as we put together a list of fun activities that we can do to celebrate in the great indoors, activity songs like ‘Father Abraham’ definitely make it to the top of the list. ‘Father Abraham’ was one of those classic songs that most of us grew up singing in Sunday School. I sang it more than most of my peers because while they moved on, I stayed on to teach, groom and get more than a lifetime’s serving of activity songs.


Every Sunday morning, cute faces stared at me filled with so much desire to learn, many questions to ask and a healthy appetite for cookies and juice; I remember that I always relied on good old ‘Father Abraham’ to shake up the tempo in the room. It got the children excited all the time and it saved me a few minutes when I didn’t need to think of what to do with them.

A few years back, as we prepared for Children’s Day service, we decided to serve the adults with the Kid’s menu (a taste of Junior Church). During the Praise and Worship session, the children slowly introduced activity songs, and of course, ‘Father Abraham’ sent the adult lifting legs, raising hands, chin up and turning around. As child-like excitement filled the atmosphere, the adults were children again and everyone was having so much fun. Was that not exactly where God wanted us to be? Just like little children. Remember he said, ‘the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like children’. (NLT Bible Luke 18:16) They get the good side of eternity. Children, so trusting and forgiving!

In the words of Alexander Pope, “To err is human, to forgive is divine”. Children have the ability to be both human and divine. They err by the minute and if you have them around you, you know that their list of wrongs can easily fill up an ocean. But their erring heart can also forgive easily. If you wonder how they do it, just have a few of them over for a play-date and in the span of a few hours, you will observe them switch so seamlessly from human to divine to human and back to divine. It almost feels like they are playing a game of offend and forgive. As the adult chaperone, you will find yourself settling fights in the first few minutes and then as you quickly get with the program, you begin to let them figure themselves out. They always do!

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So how did we lose our capacity to be human and divine. I guess we grew, began to think too much of little things, remember too much, hold on to too much, assume too much and pick up little bad habits that compound like grease. We forgot how to say sorry before the hurts grew and received apologies with contempt in our heart. Lewis B. Smedes said, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you”. Yet many still prefer to remain imprisoned, I wonder why!

The list of things we hold unto grows, time passes by and we give more room for our humanity, until one day, we choke the divine and become just human.

Life is too short to stay angry forever; I know that asking you to let go of hurts is easier said than done but the joy of forgiveness far outweighs the burden of a grudge. I encourage you to choose peace, freedom, joy, laughter and abundant life because in making these simple and intentional choices daily, we live life like it was meant to be, human but wholly divine.

Note to self: If it is within your means, live at peace with ALL men; set the prisoner free and experience a taste of the divine!

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Have a great week ahead!

More than mere STATS….

Ever wondered where the saying ‘it is not how long you live but how well you live’ came from? I suspect I found it tucked beneath the words of the not so exciting genealogy of Adam, also known as the first man who lived. You know that portion of scripture that most of us skip or gloss through quickly.

Well Adam’s genealogy reads something like this, Person A was born, had children and died at age 900+. Yes! you read right, back in the days, life went on way past three scores and ten. The text moves quickly to the next person, repeating the same pattern. Everyone seemed to live 800+ years fulfilling just one part of man’s mandate – fruitful and multiply. You could almost plot a graph with that predictable pattern.

And then, someone different came into the scene, he broke the pattern and did more with his life. In today’s literature, we will call him something fancy like Game Changer, Disrupter, Change agent or a Breath of Fresh Air. His life was so noteworthy, it seemed the writer paused to give him a standing ovation, ‘Enoch walked with God’. With that simple phrase packed with so much meaning to the discerning eyes, Enoch entered the scene. In layman’s term, I will attempt to describe it as Enoch allowed God to do mighty things through him. He was so in touch with God’s mind that he was constantly doing the will of God. From the story, God had so much fun hanging out with Enoch that one day, the streets of clay became streets of gold in the first-time travel event recorded in human history.

NKJV Study Bible

Enoch lived 500+ years less than his ancestors before him but his life was so remarkable that he went on a stroll with God one day and never came back. God gave him an express pass to eternity, it didn’t matter how long he lived, he lived well, and got the price instantly, while others have to wait till the judgment.

This week, I am reminded of the greatest man that ever lived; in just thirty-three short years, He was born, made several bold moves that changed the face of human history and then He died, still giving of himself. Jesus Christ remains the most talked about personality today, He lived well and gave us the best gift of all, Salvation. He is the reason why we wake up each day filled with hope for a better and brighter tomorrow. Just like Enoch, He is also in Heaven, seated in glory at the Father’s right hand.

It looks to me like those who live well get a place in the King’s palace. Fast forward to present day, while our prayers for length of days are great professions of our heart desires, purposeful days long or short are a closer reflection of God’s mind. Because it really doesn’t matter how long you live but how well you live in the time that you live.

So, my prayer for you and I this season is that our lives count for more than mere statistics.

Note to Self: Be intentional about making an impact that is worthy of heaven’s ovation.

Here is wishing you all the best that Life has to offer.

Happy Easter Celebration to you and your family!

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Finding Home

Recently I listened to the song “Ancient words” by The Acappella Company, and these lines jumped out at me:

“Words of life, Words of hope, give us strength, help us cope. In this world, where-e ér we roam, ancient words will guide us home.”

‘Ancient Words will guide us home’ hmm! Home, a place of rest from the day’s struggle. A place of peace, where you are truly in charge as you control the temperature, pace and mood around you. A place where you love and feel loved. Some call it ‘the happy place’, it provides a shield from all gloom around you.

I remember a family trip to France a few years ago. We searched for a hotel close to the airport for our return trip and found one with a great deal. By now, you all know that we like great deals. Unknown to us, the hotel was in a little village on the outskirts of Paris, which we eventually didn’t mind, it was only about ten minutes to the airport. We checked in and decided to go on a quick ride to a nearby shopping center. The hotel ordered a cab and we were on our way for an adventure, literally. We walked around the shopping center and picked a few things and decided to head back to the hotel. And then, we discovered we had entered “one chance”* when it was impossible to find a cab or anyone willing to communicate with us in English, turns out English was a scarce commodity in this small community. We eventually found someone who muttered the words “no taxi here, small town”. Without being able to effectively communicate, only one option stared at us in the face. Walk!

With our daughter strapped in a stroller, we set out on a long walk to freedom, after all, it was just an 8 minutes drive. Should we turn right or left we wondered and one hour later, it became obvious that we were lost. At first, we were afraid to ask for directions so we don’t get kidnapped but as we began to hit the two hour mark still roaming, we figured the worst had already happened. So, we asked a few people for directions but with no common lingua, communication was impossible. Just then, we noticed a Signpost that we had seen from the hotel lobby. That signpost gave us hope that home was close by if we just kept our eyes on the mark. Wherever we turned, our eyes were fixed on that sign. As long as we were seeing the sign, we knew that home was around the corner. After about 4 hours of roaming, twists and turns, we arrived at the hotel. Tired and drained, we were glad that we were home and even more grateful for the sign.

Everyone needs a compass and a guide. You may wonder why we need a guide back home, is it really possible to forget our way home even in familiar territory? I guess it is because most times, we roam and wonder off to our day to day struggles. Then suddenly, the gloom around us, the negative news, disturbing events and the unending quest for happiness all pull for our attention and with all these distractions, we drift away… sometimes, far far away. We forget who we are and forget that place called home. We may even experience an identity crisis and drift even further from our true selves.

There is something that makes us who we are at our very core. It could be words we were told when we were young, songs we sang at Sunday school, words of wisdom from our parents. Words meant to remind you of who you are and take you home when you stray; these are our “Ancient Words”. As a parent, one of my favourite words of wisdom comes from Proverb 22:6 (NKJV); “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. There is comfort in knowing that when you do your part to instil the right values, even if a child departs at some point in life, the signpost will likely stir them back home.

Even if you grew up in an unstable home with no words to hold unto as your anchor but got a daily serving of words that drove you farther from home; if you made it to this point and can read this article, I have great news for you. You can take charge of your life and recreate a new world around you. Change the pattern and speak kind and uplifting words to yourself and to others around you. The Bible is an excellent place to look for words of life and hope. It’s a mirror of who you really should be and points you to your new home.

The Ancient Words are your soul’s map!

The Ancient words remain the same and are always relevant through the changing times and seasons of life. They are words that bring comfort, give hope, give light and life. Words that refresh you every morning, keeps you sane during the day and guides you to your place of rest every evening.

Lost, Strayed or simply confused? Stop! take a deep breath and look for the sign that takes you home. And Hey! It may just be inside of you.

Note to Self – As the whole world stops, this is a good time to reflect on who you have become and if you have strayed, retrace your steps and return.

*For our international readers “one chance” is a Nigerian Euphemism for being played a fast one with your eyes wide open.

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Here is a link to the song for your listening pleasure:

Have a blessed week ahead!

Baby Steps

Recently, I was reminded that moving is at the core of our being. Our creator first introduced himself as a mover and shaker. If we are really like him and not like trees, being stagnant should make us uncomfortable. So, if you have been doing the same thing for longer than required, it is time to have that conversation with yourself.

According to a famous Chinese proverb, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. I knew I wanted to do so many things, writing was by far the easier and cheapest to execute. All I needed was a pen and paper or a phone and with the right focus, inspiration will come. At that point, I didn’t know what I wanted to write about, so I opened an ideas dump. It was messy and all over the place, but each conversation brought us closer to what will become our reality.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

It became clearer that whatever it was, it had to do with sharing life stories that got people to think and do something differently. I started to write and archive as I was inspired. I needed a platform, and someone offered to help set up a blog site. The focus, theme and name changed several times in the three months of conceptualization. My husband had content too and an audience eager to hear him as he already mentored students and youths in our city. So, we agreed to team up.

Finally, everything made sense, the focus was clearer and with clarity came a name and a Go Live date. With just one click, Life and Becoming was introduced to the world. We started with no idea where it was going or what to expect. A few posts later with views from usual and unusual places, suddenly more HELP came. Someone reached out to me, the conversation was nice and polite, but the message was clear, your brand needs a millennial or Gen Z’s touch. We are not exactly techy, so when young blood shows up to help, we gladly accept the offer. It was an offer to help upgrade our site, create a logo and work on our videos for FREE, you heard me right F.R.E.E. Apparently, a few clicks were all that was required to switch things up.

Over the years, we have grown to love hanging around young blood. The reason is simple, they take you places that your aging brain cannot navigate. We also got to watch our relationship deposits foot the bills for our dreams. It is always a wonderful feeling when you get the chance to withdraw resources for a project from your emotional bank account. In life, when you invest in people and expect nothing in return, you always get something in return so pay attention to your relationships.

As this journey continues to unfold, I am learning that if you wait to figure everything out before starting anything in life, your dream is likely to go to the grave with you. We are developing the skills required along the way and learning how to make videos and navigate social media. We are making and learning from our mistakes and improving our writing skills with each post. This is possible because we had the audacity to take baby steps.

Sometimes, all you need to do to start is take that first step, click that one button or make that phone call. The rest is usually history. You need to take a step and trust that each step will bring you closer to achieving your dream. I guess it makes sense now when they say every seed has embedded in it the resources required to enable it grow. Do your part and plant the seed and in Steve Furtick’s word, ‘Let the dirt do its work’.

Everyone has something they really want to do, take a cue from us, just start and give it all you’ve got, someone will notice and help for each phase will come. We would like to say a big thank you to our Tech Helpers @ JLewis for Blog setup and @OEkpo for brand upgrades.

Make a firm decision today to get moving as you watch your dreams become a reality. Take the first step and make it B.O.L.D.


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Make that move

Risk, Unknown, Bold, Move, Change, Action, a few words that we have used frequently on this blog. Some months ago, I decided to take a year off work to rest, relax and reset – Codename R3. As I shared my plan with a friend, the reaction was “That is BOLD, I envy you”. Although, I thought mine was semi-bold, I was inspired to write and so I define B.O.L.D.

Taking the road least travelled is one of the few ways to describe a bold move. It is doing what people wish they could but never get around to doing.

I figured that you only really start living when you conquer fear in whatever form it manifests itself. So if you hope to fly a plane one day, you need to conquer the fear of heights; if you hope to graduate from school, you need to conquer the fear of failing; and if you hope to start a new venture, you need to conquer the fear of the unknown. Every human invention or intervention is a product of somebody’s bold move.

You will always find three types of people around you. Some are adventurous and will always move in the direction of an adventure. Others will be forced by an unpleasant experience or a sudden realization that everywhere else is better than here and after much pondering will move with the flow. The majority will remain ‘here’, wishing and daydreaming and yet too afraid to do anything about it. I have experienced all sides and have responded differently each time. As I reflect on the moves that I did not make, I wish I acted differently sometimes.

Even though, we often make excuses like, ‘it is not my time’, ‘good things don’t finish in the market’ or ‘God’s time is the best, I am waiting on Him’; in your moment of truth and reflection, you know that you missed an opportunity, realized that perhaps God was waiting on you, wished you acted differently and pray for a second chance.

In our previous post on ‘Demystifying the Unknown’, we shared some tips to help you prepare to make any move – a hard conversation with self, counting the cost, building mental scenarios, listening to the argument for and against and seeking wise counsel. The more difficult one to face is the failure scenario, but this too is a possibility. To know is to be prepared. Preparation enables you accept failure as part of the learning process.

Photo by Lum3n.com from Pexels

It is OK to miss the target some times, but remember that if you don’t succeed at first attempt, dust yourself up and try again.

Just like the stirring of the Pool of Bethesda, only those who take the plunge, REAP. Probably why it is not so crowded at the top. If the four lepers at the entrance of the city gate from the Bible story recognized that remaining at one spot takes you nowhere, there is a lesson to learn there. So don’t just sit there, if you are sure you have counted the cost, then Make that Move.


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Demystifying the ‘Unknown’

Last week, I shared a personal story about our family’s experience with taking risk or exercising ‘Dogged Faith’ like one of the readers called it. As part of the journey, I mentioned that we went through some major lifestyle changes, but did not give details. I feel like telling tales today. I heard that Mum got so creative in the days of food shortage that she will cook beans and put a lot of pepper (chili) in it so that we will eat a little and drink alot of water. That way the pot of beans lasted longer and we had fuller bellies with just a little. The moral behind this tale is simple, we get creative when we are squeezed in our new zone. Something about a little pressure or fire that shapes and reshapes us into masterpieces in the potter’s hand.

I recall reading tales of classical voyages from back in the days, long before most of us lived, where people moved and typically did not know where they were going. Civilizations converged because someone sailed to the ‘Unknown’ with only a boat full of supplies, ammunition and a simple compass. Today, thanks to Google, we can visualise where we are going and get maybe too much information about our destination with only a few clicks. Yet most of us still seem so terrified by the ‘Unknown’.

The ‘Unknown’, a monster that cripples most to inaction, a mental construct that keeps us prisoners to comfort.

We dream of a place called better, we know that ‘here’ is not the place but we fear that ‘there’ is too risky so we stay here. At 80, we realise we could have been more, done more and achieved more. I think of here as the ‘Me’ zone, all about me and not wanting to rock the boat. If you break free into discomfort, is it possible that impact to self and others is likely to increase? There is only one way to find out. After all, you can only know what lies ahead by going ahead. Just like the closed door from last week’s story.

Photo by Ashley from Pexels

Everyone has to face this monster at some point so brace yourself, ‘You are not alone’. Begin your journey with a few quick questions to gain clarity on what is required of you. A mental gap analysis will help you understand what is ‘here’, ‘there’ and what lies in between. For most of us, the ‘Unknown’ is usually directly or indirectly connected to the $€£¥. If you ever want to move, I will tell you for free that no amount of money acquired will ever feel like enough savings until you set your own contentment point. Once you agree on what contentment looks and feels like to you, you can begin your journey.

Perhap, we can learn a little lesson from the adventures of old. They set to sail with supplies (food, medication & water -Money), ammunition (Protection also known as insurance in today’s terms), a ship (Shelter and means of transportation), the right mentality (We can do this no matter what), the right combination of skills (only the skilled can survive the different seasons of life) and a compass (a map and all the relevant information on how to get there and what to do there).

As you begin your own adventure into the ‘Unknown’, be intentional about putting the resources required in place. Put money aside and seek out options to protect and grow your savings to accelerate the process of getting you to your contentment point. The faster you get to this point, the easier it will be to take the plunge. Surrounding yourself with the right people and equipping yourself with the right information about the next phase of your life will empower you to take steps towards getting ‘there’. You will need to actively close your ears to naysayers, most times they mean well but their vision is still limited by the comfort mentality. Have an active Plan B in case your calculations and permutations do not turn out as planned or take longer to materialise. Plan B could be a skill that you can rely on, other streams of income or even a return to status quo.

Don’t burn bridges, sometimes you may need to go back to go forward. I think of the game ‘Angry Birds’, where players use a slingshot to launch the bird towards a target. I noticed that the farther back you move the slingshot and the bird, the more force you accumulate to propel the bird towards its target.

There are so many quotes for and against venturing into the ‘Unknown’ or making bold moves. My favorite one is neutral and it says,

‘For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it”.

Luke 14:28 (NKJV Bible)

My final words to you, if the human mind can conceive a thing, the human hands can achieve it. I have always believed that with God, all things are possible, and if the good book says so, I am a total believer. So take action, make the Unknown known, understand your move and if it creates value for you, generations after you and planet earth, crush that monster and make that move.


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He took a RISK that changed our lives……

It was 6.30am as we stood around the table chatting about life events. My sister who now worked in Port Harcourt(PH), Nigeria came home for a weekend visit. I recall that before she moved to PH, she had the option of comfort in a smaller city with less traffic and a strong family support system. I encouraged her (more like insisted) to move to a bigger and more challenging city where she could experience independence and the hustle and bustle of big city life. I made her choose discomfort so she could experience a different side of life. That morning as we evaluated the pros and cons of that decision, we all agreed PH was the better option for the stage of life she was in.

At that point, Dad began to share his own story from over thirty years ago. He had a nice looking career as a public servant working in the Governor’s office in the old South Eastern State in Nigeria. Soon, news about the creation of states filtered into the air waves and this came with excitement and anticipation for what laid ahead. Everyone began to pitch ideas about the various career possibilities that will emerge with the newly created Cross River State. It was a sign of good things to come for young Administrative Officers.

My Dad and a few of his buddies wanted more than that, they did not want to remain at the state level, as their eyes were set on the Federal. Everyone thought moving at this time was a bad idea, after all, they looked like they were all on track to become very senior Civil Service Officers in the not too distant future. My dad recalled that someone told him that if he moved to Lagos, the then capital of Nigeria, he would come back with only an envelope on his head, implying that his future was better served here.

“Risk can also be defined as the intentional interaction with uncertainty.[1] Uncertainty is a potential, unpredictable, and uncontrollable outcome; risk is an aspect of action taken in spite of uncertainty”. (Wikipedia)

Against all odds, he made the move anyway, got a job into the Foreign Service and I can say, the rest is history. He said it was not easy as we moved from a three bedroom house to a one room apartment and had to undergo some major lifestyle changes. My dad made what seemed like a risky move over thirty years ago; in the short term, it was not so comfortable but looking back, I am so glad he made that move.

He chose a path that took us to places he could never afford and brought him in close contact with people he could only have dreamed of seeing on television. He is now retired and yes, life after the move was good to him so he did not have to return with an envelope on his head.

Today as I reflect on my Dad’s decision to embrace the unknown, I realized that the road from ‘here’ to ‘there’ is not usually a straight path for most people. You can only know what lies behind a closed door by opening the door and stepping out.

I could have been anywhere or somewhere else, but I am here today because he took a RISK that changed our lives.


As you keep your 👀 on who you are becoming, we wish you all the best that life has to offer. We love to hear from you, so don’t forget to like, leave a comment, follow us and tell a friend.

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Quick Question

I learnt a valuable lesson from asking, i found that when you reach out for help, most people offer you even more than you ask for.

Knowledge, they say is power! There are so many ways to acquire it, some routes take more time than others. In my quest for knowledge, I have relied on several quick questions to help me bridge the gap from ‘Unknown’ to ‘Known’. Since I cannot claim to know everything, quick questions have become a recurring feature of my daily interaction. When I don’t know, I ask; when in doubt, I ask; even when I know, I still ask.

You may wonder why, it is simple, there will always be someone else who is smarter than you, more experience than you or just more knowledgeable on the subject matter. Still wondering why I ask, I find that you gain better insight when you seek out alternative views. Your perspective is broadened and you are able to adopt a more holistic approach to tackling life’s many issues. I realized that most of us get so attached to our own point of view that we miss out the blind spots that only a quick question can uncover. Asking provides clarity, so ask.

I learnt early in my career that it is OK not to know the answer to some things but it is not OK to stay clueless on most things. In asking, you gain knowledge and it is unlikely that you will ask the same question twice.

I have a good friend who is an expert at asking probing questions, whenever someone tells us a story together, she is able to ask unbelievable questions that makes the storyteller go to places not originally intended. Whenever I want the full picture on a matter, I leverage on her audacity to ask questions that I will never dare to. That skill comes in handy for getting bottom pot scoop in the ‘gist department’.

Even though some questions may sound stupid, there is no such thing as a stupid question. If it is asked, it means someone needs clarity and I will rather ask a stupid question than stay stupid. If you are too ashamed to ask, tell yourself the hard truth, the worst response you can ever get in life is a ‘laugh’, a ‘tease’ and the good old ‘No’ in different shades that still boil down to ‘No’. The worst place you can be after a ‘No’ is the same spot which means you lose nothing but imagine the giant strides you can achieve when you get a ‘Yes’ and new knowledge is gained.

Where you find a few people not willing to answer, you will also find a few others with the right answers to your quick questions, if you just look closely. I have been saved along my journey by several quick questions and people willing to give quick answers layered with years of experience and the wisdom that comes with age. So next time, you find yourself in a situation and you don’t know what to do, pick up your phone and pull out your ‘quick question’ card.

Here is wishing you all the best life has to offer and remember to keep your 👀 on who you are becoming…….


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we are all ‘Stars’….

As I look at the stars in the sky, each one in its place shining as bright as it was meant to, I think of you, me and all of us and I can’t help but think that we are not too different from stars.

Stars don’t collide, they just shine, the entire bunch and there is a lot of them.

We, on the other hand derive pleasure from chasing after the wind, running rat races, keeping up with the Kardashians or Joneses. There seems to be a part of us that thrives on drama or the sugar rush of outdoing someone else for the fun of it, our ego, or just nurture.

Everyone of us has one thing that we do so well at that makes us stars in our own right. If you excel in your space, you are a star; if your space refuses to let you shine, reinvent yourself. The sky is wide enough and the world large enough to take these many stars.

I come from a star studded family, no, we are not celebrities, at least not yet. Our family reunions are always a delight as the stars converge and everyone knows their place in the circle of life.

As I listened to the lyrics of the song from the movie ‘The Prince of Egypt’, I am reminded that, “you can never know a man’s worth by what he builds or buys, you have to look at him through heaven’s eyes”. A part of me believes that as long as you are fulfilling your life’s purpose, you are a ‘Star’ in heaven’s eyes.

Find what you are good at, your life’s purpose or calling. It is something that you enjoy doing naturally, you find that you don’t have to struggle or need a push to do it. Some call it your inner genius, we all have it.

What you do best may not necessarily pay your bills so you may need to fill in the gap with what you do good. But never forget what you do best because therein lies true satisfaction and fulfillment.

There is a star in all of us, it shines bright when we do what we do best……

Here is wishing you the best that life has to offer……


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More than a day….

It is not unusual to hear some people refer to days like Valentine, Birthdays and Anniversaries as just another day. I think differently, first of all, every day is a blessing in my world. Another chance to do right, live better and do more.

Special days are even more important as they mark the start of something new. Each recurrence presents an opportunity to evaluate how well you have done, applaud yourself or course correct.

The thought of an applause worthy Special day gives me an adrenaline rush since I get to give myself a treat for a job well done.

O well, you can say I love celebrations in whatever form, after all we only get to live once. So when our tenth anniversary came knocking, we could not resist the urge to celebrate.

As I dreamed up ways to make this more than just a day, an amazing Black Friday Deal too good to be true popped up on my screen. You can call it a coincidence, I will choose miraculous. I watched my dream escape to the island of Cape Verde become a reality; the right price and an irresistible deal and Voila, Project Verde was activated.

Four hours later, we touched down on the beautiful island of Cape Verde somewhere off the West African coast surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. Blue beaches, lovely resorts, great foods, beautiful sunset and world class hospitality.

Project Verde Goals accomplished…….

A well deserved celebration of ten awesome years of growing and learning together. As we celebrated, we are reminded that we are better today because yesterday we chose tomorrow together. We believed, we worked and now the project continues.

Life is a project with milestones along the way, so think of today as a milestone in the ‘Love’ department. Even though, some folks say ‘love don’t cost a thing’, love does cost something, it is in the action and the sacrifice. It is never idle, it is always doing. So whenever an opportunity presents itself for love to be expressed, sound the alarm and make it loud and clear that you love and you love for real. Don’t just sit back and watch today go by, find a box of chocolate or whatever tickles you and take sometime out to celebrate love and friendship.

Because love is a beautiful thing, make this Valentine more than just a day…………

Happy Valentine Day!!!

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