Think like an Employer

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty. (Proverbs 21:5 NLT) At the start of every year, most companies have a goals planning session where the management team reviews the prior year’s performance of the company and develops plans for the year in view and beyond. These companies careContinue reading “Think like an Employer”

Just Surfing…

One day, while I was sitting in the living room, I heard the words, “Hey Google, show me ballet practice lessons”. As it is programmed to do, Google obeyed and in no time, hundreds of ballet lessons downloaded. This request was made by a child. Just then, a thought came to me, what if sheContinue reading “Just Surfing…”

How to End 2020 Strong (Finance Edition)

Before the pandemic, going to the movie theatre was one of my favourite things to do! There’s something about being in a dark room in front of a big, loud, screen, watching the journey of a lovable character unfold. I enjoy everything about being in a movie theatre – the stories, the special effects, theContinue reading “How to End 2020 Strong (Finance Edition)”

Money & Relationships

Money ranks high up there as one of the major conflict triggers in relationships. From business partners to couples, siblings and friends, it seems money has a way of binding or breaking. I have seen best friends and even lovers who seem completely devoted, parting ways because of a simple piece of paper with a symbol onContinue reading “Money & Relationships”

The Ugly Side of ‘Broke’

My parents made it clear that I was going to Boarding School quite early. Each time I pondered on the idea of going away from home, I was gripped by the fear of the unknown. The thought of being all by myself in the midst of people I did not know, scared me.  As theContinue reading “The Ugly Side of ‘Broke’”