Fan! Fan!! Fan!!!

My first attempt at grilling was with a charcoal grill. I had watched people grill with a charcoal grill and it always looked easy. Watching always seems easy, like when you watch a football game on TV and you wonder why the player didn’t just toss the ball into the net. Until you get into theContinue reading “Fan! Fan!! Fan!!!”


Looking back, we both prayed some very intentional and specific prayers.  This is one area of our lives that I believe we were quite intentional about. Marriage is that important, when you take a moment to consider the long term commitment and the impact on generations unborn, you will know that you should spend timeContinue reading “P.R.A.Y”

Let’s Talk!

Jane felt that her husband was wasteful. He was always giving out money to people ‘in need‘. As soon as he heard their story, he would immediately respond by giving without thinking. Jane knew that most of these stories were lies and an attempt to deceive her husband. Growing up, John’s father worked for aContinue reading “Let’s Talk!”

Money Proof

Last week, we shared seven conditions that should be in place for money to work well in your marriage. 1. The right mindset2. It’s a we thing3. Let your money submit to your marriage4. Trust5. Playing to your strengths6. Have a money plan7. Respect irrespective of financial standing This week, we talk about the seasonsContinue reading “Money Proof”

Hand in Hand II

About a year into our marriage, we had dinner at my dad’s house with one of his friends. As we were saying our goodbyes after dinner, my dad’s friend suddenly exclaimed, “Ido!”. He went on to say, “make sure you listen to this woman that God has given to you, she will save you fromContinue reading “Hand in Hand II”

First Flight

We love to travel; we both enjoy the planning process – scanning destinations and flights, hotels, restaurants and all. Most of all, I love the feeling of happiness that comes with going away from routine and resting from the hustle of daily life. Over the years, travelling anywhere has become our personal gift to ourselves.Continue reading “First Flight”

The Things That Matter

In a romantic candlelight dinner setting, knees on the ground and camera light flashing, he popped the question, “Will you marry me?” I said YES! Falling and being in love and all the niceties that come along with it can sometimes make us drift and forget the things that really matter. Today’s post is forContinue reading “The Things That Matter”