A Call to Correct

Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; The rod of discipline [correction administered with godly wisdom and lovingkindness] will remove it far from him.Proverbs 22:15 AMP I love Proverbs 22:15 and the words highlighted by the amplified version for clarification help to give additional guidance. First, I will like to clarify thatContinue reading “A Call to Correct”

The Office of a Parent

Many years back, on two occasions, I had the opportunity to speak to our church on Parenting. The messages were titled ‘Like Arrows’ derived from the Bible verse in Psalms 127:4 and ‘Godly seed’ from Malachi 2:15. As I prepared for those two sermons, one thing stood out clearly, parenting is not a natural progressionContinue reading “The Office of a Parent”