The Brighter Side of Meeting ‘Not So Great People’

At the back-end of most introductions, is the usual phrase ‘Nice to meet you’ that we have grown so accustomed to using. I wonder how many of us wish we could go back in time to retract those words. If you have ever felt that way about someone, you have just helped me define aContinue reading “The Brighter Side of Meeting ‘Not So Great People’”

I Love my Friendships ‘Organic’

Today is June 6th, just another day you may think, but one worth taking a stroll down memory lane. As my first friend in life marks her birthday today, I cannot help but remember all things friendships. Interestingly, we met in our mother’s wombs as they sat close to each other chatting away for theContinue reading “I Love my Friendships ‘Organic’”