A Father’s Hand

One of the words I heard very often as a child was the word ‘strict’ used so many times to refer to my father. I too soon realized that he was a very strict man. He had a reputation for being straight forward, uncompromising in his beliefs and very orderly. You only needed to haveContinue reading “A Father’s Hand”

Whose Shoe is it?

As I walked casually in simple slipper that cost me less than $10, I do not recall the conversation in exact words but I think it went something like this, ‘Nice slippers’ and I must have replied, ‘Thank you, that is why I bought it’. (I heard that version of response from my cousin andContinue reading “Whose Shoe is it?”

League of ONE!

We had just finished our exams and with just one week left to our holiday, we had no studies and nothing to do in school. I cannot remember the class exactly, but it was Senior Secondary (High School). My friends and I decided that rather than go to school, we would hang out. One ofContinue reading “League of ONE!”

Am I really lazy?

It was my third Sunday Service in a new church, and I was beginning to settle in. I liked the Pastor; he delivers what I call the ‘Gospel Truth’. I like truth, you know the kind that we grew up hearing ‘hurts’. The hurt part is the shaping part that pulls you back in lineContinue reading “Am I really lazy?”

Finding Home

Recently I listened to the song “Ancient words” by The Acappella Company, and these lines jumped out at me: “Words of life, Words of hope, give us strength, help us cope. In this world, where-e ér we roam, ancient words will guide us home.” ‘Ancient Words will guide us home’ hmm! Home, a place ofContinue reading “Finding Home”

Baby Steps

Recently, I was reminded that moving is at the core of our being. Our creator first introduced himself as a mover and shaker. If we are really like him and not like trees, being stagnant should make us uncomfortable. So, if you have been doing the same thing for longer than required, it is timeContinue reading “Baby Steps”

Make that move

Risk, Unknown, Bold, Move, Change, Action, a few words that we have used frequently on this blog. Some months ago, I decided to take a year off work to rest, relax and reset – Codename R3. As I shared my plan with a friend, the reaction was “That is BOLD, I envy you”. Although, IContinue reading “Make that move”

Quick Question

Knowledge, they say is power! There are so many ways to acquire it, some routes take more time than others. In my quest for knowledge, I have relied on several quick questions to help me bridge the gap from ‘Unknown’ to ‘Known’. Since I cannot claim to know everything, quick questions have become a recurringContinue reading “Quick Question”

More than a day….

It is not unusual to hear some people refer to days like Valentine, Birthdays and Anniversaries as just another day. I think differently, first of all, every day is a blessing in my world. Another chance to do right, live better and do more. Special days are even more important as they mark the startContinue reading “More than a day….”

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